What we do

Urban Portal is an alternate approach to finding suitable development sites. Our aim is to help you find the right site for your development within NSW. Our search engine allow you to search planning databases to help find a site that suits your type of development. Once you have found suitable sites using our search engines you can purchase the title deeds and either approach the landowner to sell or monitor the site until the site is placed on the market. Note that there are many planning controls within Environmental Planning Instruments and Development Control Plans that affect development on land within NSW that may not be captured by your search criteria and therefore we recommend you always consult with a Town Planner as part of your due diligence before purchasing a potential development site.

Where it started

Urban Perspectives developed Urban Portal in 2020. Urban Perspectives is a town planning and compliance consultancy. As town planners we would see developers purchase unsuitable land for their development type because that was all that was available them at the time. As a consequence, great developments would fail or experience lengthy delays in obtaining planning approval and be modified because they were proposed on unsuitable land. The delays and modifications would cause frustration and cost money thus making some developments unviable or resulting in an refusal from the approval authority. Urban Perspectives saw the formulae to a better development process as: Good design + suitable development sites = fast planning approval. As a result Urban Perspectives had the concept of providing developers with an alternate approach to finding development sites. An approach where developers can identify sites that suits their development and the developer can either approach the landowner to sell or monitor the site until the site is placed on the market. Urban Portal was designed and built based on this concept.

Who is involved

Urban Perspectives is a Town Planning and Environmental Compliance Consultancy located in Surry Hills, Sydney. Stuart Wilmot started Urban Perspectives in July 2001.