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Make informed decisions on where to purchase

Access data you need to enable you to locate potential development sites. We'll show you where suitable plots are situated based on your search criteria.


Search based on location, land size, zoning etc. so you can see development opportunities that apply to you.

Pay for your search

Each search cost starts from just $20 per property or for multiple properties purchase a subscription package and pay less per property. Think of the opportunities you'll open up to. Go to

Get the results

View the results from your search. Shortlist sites view previous sales prices and approx values, check owner contact details etc.

Negotiate your next purchase

Use the data available to you to contact the current owner and make a purchase on the site that perfectly suits your needs.

Benefits for your business

Match Your Development with the Right Site

The benefits are you can now find sites that perfectly meet your development needs. Good design on the right sites means fast planning approval. Fast planning approval saves you time, money and avoids frustration. You can get ahead of your competitors by finding the right sites that suit your development and approaching the landowner directly or monitor the site and be the first to know when it comes available.

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Frequently asked questions

Urban Portal includes all registered land titles within New South Wales, Australia.

The data is continually renewed over a 2 month period. Therefore the data is at least no than 2 months old at any point of time.
State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPP) include a number a exemptions to planning standards and controls in Local Environmental Plans (LEP). Many of these exemptions are not included in the Planning Portal. Council's also include additional planning controls in the Development Control Plans which may affect your potential development yield. It is your responsibility to ensure the site(s) you select are suitable for your needs. Whilst Urban Portal is a useful tool for finding potential development sites, we recommend that you talk to your Council, architect or consultant town planner before you purchase to confirm the relevant planning controls that apply to your site.
The user should also be aware that many of the sites that meet your criteria may already be developed and not financially viable for redevelopment.
The system does not detect whether sites are vacant or not.
The system does not detect subdivided sites that are suitable or available for amalgamation.

When you purchase the data you will receive a list of properties that meet our search criteria. The list will include
- The Property address,
- lot and DP details,
- a summary of planning controls that apply to the site, a locality map, the last sale price for the site and detail of a list of exemptions that may apply to the site.
- a locality map,
- a link to third party website where you can purchase title deeds and land ownership details,
- the last sale price for the site, and
- detail of a list of exemptions that may apply to the site.

Urban Portal is planning to add the following features to the system:
- Incorporation of all exceptions to planning controls and standards;
- Expansion of the service to include other Australian States and Territories
- Receive automatic notification that a property on your list is available sale.
- Request quotes from professionals to assist with the design, approval and development of your project
Urban Portal welcomes any feedback and suggestions for additional features you would like to see on the system.

Yes. You must set up an account in order to purchase and save your searches, have your search results automatically updated when planing controls change and the data set is updated. The data is continually renewed over a 2 month period. Therefore the data is at least no more than 2 months old at any point of time.

If you have any payment issues please contact us by phone or using our Bot and a real person will be in contact to resolve the issue.

The data we have sourced has been especially assembled to search for any sites by any of other planning parameters. The data is continually renewed over a 2 month period and is never no than 2 months old at any point of time.
If you are interested in using the data we can provide you with access through an API. The licence to use the data is $2,000 per annum.
Please contact us if you wish to arrange a licence to us our data.

Yes. Your searches can be downloaded as PDF and printed from your own computer or device.

The owner of land can be found through undertaking a Title Search of the property. Title Searches confirm the current owners of a property and shows any registered interests affecting the property such as a mortgage or easement. In NSW, Title Searches can be purchased through authorised information brokers. The following is a list of links to Authorised Information Brokers in NSW: